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5 Best Men’s Moisturisers For Incredible Skin

From Chanel and Tom Ford to Kiehl’s and Aesop, post-workout primed to anti-blemish treatments, our comprehensive guide to the best men’s moisturisers has every base covered. 

And if only the latest moisturisers will do, check out our list of the best new grooming items this week.

What is moisturiser and why do I need it?

A moisturiser should be the first tool in your arsenal for avoiding dry and tired skin. When combined with a good face wash it helps to rehydrate your skin’s outer layers so you look your best around the clock. This is especially the case when it comes to your face as it’s more exposed to the elements than any other part of your body. Need some more motivation to lather your face every morning? Moisturisers that contain SPF help to protect your face from sun damage and related skin cancer risk.

What time of day should I use moisturiser?

We recommend using these moisturisers twice a day, in the morning and the evening. A daily routine would be to wash your face with a mild cleanser and follow this with one of our picks below. However, this can differ depending on product, skin-type, time of year and even environment. Since your skin hydration needs will vary according to the weather, you’ll want to tailor the contents of your wash bag to the seasons.

What moisturiser is best for tattoo aftercare?

Careful, this is a common misconception. Bepanthen, which is an ointment rather than a moisturiser, is the recommended product for tattoo aftercare and you’ll want to apply it every three to six hours for around a fortnight after you’ve been inked. So as much as these moisturisers will revitalise your mug, they’re no good for keeping your tats in tip top shape.

What other grooming products work best with a moisturiser?

To each man his own, but we’d recommend pairing your moisturiser with a good men’s face wash at the very least. Then have a think about mixing an exfoliator into the process that’ll diminish dirt and get shot of dead skin cells and an eye serum to target more delicate skin in this area. And if you’re in need of a more intensive refresh? Then, as a special treat for getting your skincare regime in order, try slapping on a face mask.

Here are five moisturizers every man must have:

Kiehl’s Age Defender Gel Moisturizer
Kiehl’s power-packed and popular Age Defender Moisturizer is now available in a lighter, quicker absorbed gel formulation. Using Linseed extract and White Birch extract, known for their anti-ageing benefits, it helps improve skin’s elasticity while visibly minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Non-greasy and quickly absorbed, it is the perfect solution for men in their prime who find richer anti-aging products too heavy.
Hawkins & Brimble Elemi & Ginseng Daily Energising Moisturiser
Ticking the majority of “ethically responsible” boxes by being free of parabens, colourants, SLS/SLES, mineral oils and animal testing, this British brand of naturally derived grooming solutions offers two very effective facial hydrators. Its quick-absorbing Daily Energising Moisturiser boats nourishing avena sativa kernel oil and oatmeal extract in its mix as well as vitamin E and fortifying omega 3 and 6 to restore pH balance and help boost the skin’s defence against dullness. A shot of caffeine powder gives skin an instant pick-me-up while ginseng amplifies radiance and brightness.
The Inkey List Peptide Moisturizer
Putting transparency front-and-centre by cutting through the smoke and mirrors that creates a fog around the beauty industry, there is something a little bit punk about no-nonsense skincare brand The Inkey List and we like it. Specifically aimed at those concerned by the visible signs of ageing and looking for something that will perform without any fuss, its peptide moisturiser delivers on every front. Intense in concentration, but not too heavy and rich in texture, it’s composed of a super blend of peptides, including two per cent new-to-market royal epigen PSTM and one per cent hydrating peptide solution. So what does that actually mean? Well, it’s going to do a decent job at keeping wrinkles at bay and for this price that’s a whole lot of moisturiser. 
Q+A Ginger Root Daily Moisturiser
Serving simple, effective skincare at a very fair price (everything is under £12; even the serums) and putting sustainability at the heart of its business, this niche British brand is picking up (and rightfully so) quite a bit of attention. Made in Norfolk and using ingredients from Cosmos-approved suppliers, it even contributes to a tree replantation scheme to help offset its eco impact. However, the efficacy of its clean, ingredient-focused formulas aren’t to be eclipsed by this devotion to sustainability. Packed with natural actives, Q+A’s everyday moisturiser is the real star of this show. Infused with a calming natural antioxidant, ginger root extract, which renews and smooths and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone, the vegan-friendly solution also features organic aloe vera, which creates a protective barrier from sun damage and pollutants with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and tocopherol, (found in sunflower seeds) a natural source of vitamin E. Cruelty free and made from 98.7 per cent naturally derived, high-performing ingredients, its the perfect everyday moisturiser that suits all skin-types, even sensitive. 
Clinique iD Dramatically Different Hydrating Clearing Jelly
A welcome addition to the Clinique iD custom-blend hydration system, this new Active Cartridge Concentrate has been specifically designed to treat skin imperfections, such as congested pores and irregular texture. Best suited to oily or congested skin types, it promotes a more balanced microbiome by clarifying and unclogging pores from dirt, oil and debris and helps restore the hydration levels. Formulated with a concentrated dose (two per cent) of salicylic acid – which helps release dead, rough and dulling skin cells and glucosamine – to reduce the appearance of acne scars and discolouration, the advanced formula is supported by the soothing and calming qualities of lactobacillus probiotic ferment and a shot of energising caffeine. Delivered in a hydrating jelly base, it absorbs without trace and encourages a visibly brighter and more radiant-looking complexion.

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