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5 Simple Sauces That Will Transform Any Grilled Meal

They’re great for anything that comes off the grates.

Some grillers will try to argue that if you’re grilling your food correctly, you don’t need any sauce.
The natural “sauce” of the grill—the smoke, the flame—is all the flavor you really need, and if you turn to BBQ sauce, hot sauce, or GOD FORBID ketchup, well there’s something wrong with how you’re approaching your fire-cooked meals.
Except that you could argue back that maybe it’s your grilling condiments that are lacking. After all, plenty of legendary chefs sauce the heck out of their food and no one comes at them.
And those chefs know that the right sauces (or jams, or salsas, or…) don’t drown out the flavors of grilled food—they heighten them.
Granted, it does takes time to find the “right” grilling condiments largely because there are so many lackluster ones out there: too-sugary BBQ sauces, too-spicy hot sauce (yes, it’s a thing), too one-note everything.
But lucky for you, griller, you’re about to read a roundup of nine unsung condiments that completely change how you think about grilling and grilling sauces. From sweet-heat jams to truffle-ized ranch dressing to a game-changing ketchup to a tamarind date sauce that’ll make you rethink how you feel about grilled fish—it’s time to prepare your taste buds for something really different.

Tomato Achaar

It’s as if Sriracha, ketchup, and chili powder became a throuple. The heat of the chili powder, the sweetness of the tomatoes, and the warmth of the spices complement one another, especially on your favorite burgers.

Ginger Vegan Thai Hot Sauce
This sorta-chunky relish fuses bright-hot Thai bird chile peppers, soy sauce, umami-rich bean paste, garlic, and cane sugar with lime juice, cilantro, and ginger. Sweep over eggplant.

Black Truffle Infused Ranch Sauce

Chemical-tasting ranch this is not. Thick and creamy, this sauce boasts heady black-truffle aromas and fresh herbs. Try it in grilled potato salad or as a chip dip as you tend the fire.

BBQ Mop Sauce
Pleasantly sweet and acidic, with a smidgen of heat, this spice-laced, vinegar-based sauce works wonders on any slow-smoked pork: chops, ribs, shoulder, or belly.. 
Spicy Satsuma Jam
Satsumas are small, sweet oranges, combined in this jar with tongue-tingling Criolla Sella chile peppers. This mash works as a tropical-style glaze for grilled rib eye. Great on pork chops or fish, too.

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