AMAPIANO Is The New Afro-Beat & Everyone Likes It

Every now and then the world is blessed with a new sound – trend – movement – just anything other than what we’re accustomed to. In the world of music, new artistes and sounds crop out almost every day. Some do stay a while; others are long forgotten about after a brief escapade – not that they were not great enough, they just lacked longevity.

Pop, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae are perhaps some of the sounds that have lasted a while and continue to churn out artistes who produce great music from it. Not so long ago the world was taken by storm with a sound that changed the world forever. This sound caused a craze and ushered in new artistes from around the world. Azonto which originated from Ghana grew to popularity amongst music lovers from around the world. Although this sound was short lived it paved way for a not so new genre and not so popular either – Afrobeat; the Ghanaian highlife inspired, Fela Kuti engineered genre.

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