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Fashion in Ghana has seen some significant change and improvement over the past few years. We’re still in the early stages of what appears to be a revolution or boycott of European or Western fashion. This is not to say Africans no longer wear suits and ties – the point here is there appears to be what ‘woke’ people will call conscious awakening of the African.

By the next decade I will be making great strides in Entrepreneurship/Business World, Fashion, Music, Movies and I will also be pursuing my Political ambition.

Wearing African styles is longer reserved for ‘Afrocentrics’; it has become more fashionably acceptable these days to style in African. Popular amongst men in Africa especially within the sub-Saharan region is the Middle –Eastern & Eastern Asia male fashion style kaftan which has quickly become the emblem of African elite style. There are several luxury brands of kaftan in Ghana and Nigeria serving both local and international clientele.

Leading this market is Black & Phamous. Black & Phamous is the leading kaftan brand in West Africa serving clients both in the private and public sectors of West Africa and beyond – this isn’t just a claim – pay a visit to their store at West Lands in Accra, Ghana. Founded by a fashion entrepreneur Nana Boateng, the bespoke fashion brand has risen quickly through the ranks to become the leader of its industry – every black man wants to be famous.

They style to fit you! Finishing is what sets the brand apart from the rest.

Since entering the market, Black & Phamous has etched its name in the history walls of Ghanaian fashion by creating a niche for itself. To the men who wear this brand, it’s more than just kaftan or safari suits – it’s about the experience and prestige. Not every man gets to be famous; Black & Phamous is a brand that celebrates the excellence of African men and what better way can a man feel celebrated? It’s a reward for excellence that’s why there are rarely multiple sets of a design from this luxury bespoke brand. Every style, design and stitches are specific to a client. The fabric selection process is one that is done with emotions and sentiments – they don’t just pick fabrics – there’s a good reason behind every choice.

Talk about tailor-made, that’s the language of this brand. They style to fit you! Finishing is what sets the brand apart from the rest. Fabrics are joined together meticulously with perfect stitches; adorning the full glory of finesse. It’s not surprising that the brand attracts men who are mindful of their style whilst appreciating luxury, quality and prestige. You receive experiential service that almost feels personal when at their store. Get styled the way you want and you will never forget your Black & Phamous experience.

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