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Got The Conversation Started? Let The Memes Do The Talking.

Nothing says “hi, I’d like to talk to you” better than this

If you’re like me, memes are your love language. They’re the ultimate way to get across your humor, wit, playfulness, and flirtation—all without having to rush over to a thesaurus. (Trust me, I’m a writer, and I still use memes to do most of my talking when it comes to texting a crush.)

But just because memes are the easier (and superior) choice to communicate, doesn’t mean that you can just plop any old meme into your text thread and hope it reels in your special someone. You’ve got to make sure the meme you’re putting forth is one you can be proud of.

And just so we make sure you’re locked and loaded with the best memes possible, we’ve compiled a list of 20 that you can use on your crush the next time you’re trying to put the charm on them.

Remember though, not every meme you send has to (or should) be a declaration of your love. Sometimes, throwing a meme into a convo about your day or what you’re doing can be the difference between an okay conversation and a great one. Whatever the situation, we got you covered. Happy meme-ing

1. When you want to impress them with your ~consistency~

1. When you want to imp2. This one’s easy, just send them: “Let me be your drake”~

3. If you want to hint that something good is coming their way (aka you, duh)

4. A classic “this could be us”

5. When you want to remind them it’s not them, it’s you


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