We all love good music. We listen to them every day; in our homes, offices laterally everywhere but what comes to mind if the artiste of the song doesn’t listen to his own song?

Rapper E.L disclosed to Colosium Magazine during his photo shoot session for his debut appearance in the  April Issue that he doesn’t listen to his own songs unless it’s a new one. He explained that since he produced the song, he has had the opportunity to listen to it many times so upon releasing the song, he leaves the excitement to his fans.

“I made the song. I have listen to it severally before releasing it so I feel like it’s time my fans enjoy it when I release it after all the fans are the reason I make songs”, E.L. This revelation was made at a point when the multiple award winning artiste has just released a new album titled WAVs.

Well, whether or not he listens to or enjoys his own music even upon releasing it, music enthusiasts love to party with songs by E.L; it comes as no surprise that he is highly recognized and appreciated for his craft and contributions to the Ghanaian music industry.

E.L will be making his debut appearance on the Colossium Magazine this April as part of his new album promotion.