Reginald Yaw ‘Reggie Rockstone’ Asante Osei has outlined why some artistes never breakthrough in their career.

Larry Bozzle’s guest on CTV’s ‘Time with the Stars’, Rockstone was asked for three things a budding music maker should note to be successful.

He first noted that, “Three is not enough,” and mentioned “dedication” as his first point.“ You need to be dedicated to your craft. You’ve got to focus on what it is you really want to be,” the rap heavyweight explained and illustrated his point. “You want to play football, you have to go on the field. You need to toe bounce barefooted in the hood and all that,” he said.

Highlighting the need for patience, he complained about noticing “a lot of young people are impatient.” “They have this sense of entitlement and I don’t know where it came from,” he bemoaned. Citing rap superstar Sarkodie  as a music figure who has worked hard for the position and respect he is enjoying presently, he gave the impression young artistes must emulate his patience and growth before stressing: “Everyone has a story [of their struggle and glory].”

“Stop behaving like spoilt children,” the Hiplife originator chided and encouraged budding musicians to be hardworking. “Last but not the least, which is [actually] first, is prayers,” he softly clapped his hands together. He was categorical in saying as a buttress, “If you’re not talking to Jah [God], forget it [the music business].”

“It is your divine gift and it comes from him [God],” Mr Rockstone explained. The ‘Agoo’ hitmaker also noted: “If you’re not living right, in your heart, spiritually, if you’re not living right, you won’t attract the goodness.” “If you have jealousy, envy, a thirst for fighting, trolling on social media, it is all [a hot mess], the blessings won’t come to you,” the father, husband and businessman warned. Reggie seemed so passionate about the importance of spirituality to success, he risked sounding superstitious.

“I always tell these young guys – I see them cussing artistes and all that. There’s no blessing in that. [If that’s your behaviour] the whole year, nothing will work out in your favour. You wouldn’t know but you’ve cursed yourself,” he stressed.

If you “cut down on the devil work, and be about God,” and give him his due praises, “you will be cool,” the 58-year-old Hiplife legend assured in conclusion.

Source: Ghanaweb