She’ll want something good after putting up with you all those years.

Ah, the elusive sister. The woman in your life perhaps most difficult to find a good gift for. Your mom will like anything you get her because you got it for her, and your daughter will surely let you know what she’s got her eye on without you having to ask. But your sister? The very one who babysat you, who told your parents whenever you snuck out of the house, who drove you crazy on road trips over the years? She’s just as much of a mystery now as she was back then. But no longer! Whether she’s a serious foodie or in real need of some self-care, we have a gift that we think she’ll love. Here are our top 20 picks for sisters this season.

Indoor Hydroponic Garden

A serious game-changer as far as flavor goes, a kitchen herb garden is a winter must-have. ecializes in jewelry that looks like the type of priceless artifact Indiana Jones would go through hell to preserve. This one is crafted in 24-karat gold-plated bronze Indy would’ve given his left thumb to hold.

Apple Watch SE
For fitness and convenience of life improvements (ease of payments, music control, texting, the list goes on) the Apple Watch SE is a useful gadget for anyone.

Enberton Portable Speaker

A small yet mighty Bluetooth speaker with a battery that lasts—for her room, her shower, the park, the roof, or anywhere else, really. 

Tie Dye Canvas Tote
Everyone and anyone could use another tote. We love this durable, perfectly sized Graf Lantz tie dye one. 
Handmade Coasters
These gorgeous coasters are handwoven in Uganda, and will make up for all the cup rings you’ve left on her table over the years..

Source: esquire