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These Earrings For Men Will Make You Seriously Consider Getting Pierced

A bunch of studs for a bunch of studs.

A decade ago, earrings for men might’ve been considered an anomaly, the exclusive domain of ponytailed middle school art teachers and arena-packing pop stars.

But as interest in men’s jewelry has skyrocketed, so too has the number of guys unabashedly rocking pierced ears, from gold-tone hoops to stainless steel studs to sterling silver pendants—and just about everything in between. Thankfully, the market has responded accordingly, welcoming men into the fold with barely-contained glee. There’s plenty of unisex styles out there (remind us what, exactly, is gendered about an earring?) but there’s also tons of options billed expressly as “men’s earrings.”

How do you know if this particular flex is for you? Simple. Do you have ears? Congratulations: you’re set. Next up? Deciding what type of earring you’re into. Are you a drop earring guy, a dangle earring guy, or a pendant earring guy? Do you want to leave your ear bling relatively unadorned, or do you want to walk out of the piercing studio with your princess cut carats shining like you just blew a bag at Icebox?

To help you make the call, we dug up the best earrings for men, from funky DIY-inspired hoop earrings that would’t look out of place on the lobes of a volunteer librarian type (or, uh, Harry Styles), to plain Jane stud earrings that’ll make you look like Michael Jordan in his prime. Here’s how to get in on ground zero of the action, even if—especially if—you’re struggling to tell your rhodium from your cubic zirconia.

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  • 1/23Alighieri the fragments on the shore single earringAlighieri’s specializes in jewelry that looks like the type of priceless artifact Indiana Jones would go through hell to preserve. This one is crafted in 24-karat gold-plated bronze Indy would’ve given his left thumb to hold.
  • 2/23Jam Homemade anarchy sterling silver earringRight now, jewelers are obsessed with turning mundane household items into impossibly cool, grail-worthy accessories. We approve
  • 3/23Cartier Écrou de Cartier left earring18-karat yellow gold screws from a little-known brand named Cartier.
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Miansai crux huggie earring

If you’re going to do the whole cross earring thing, investing in one as streamlined as Miansai’s will ensure no one mistakes you for one of those “cool” pastors in skinny jeans and Jordans.


SilverCloseOut tiny skull stud earrings

A manly stud for a manly stud

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