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The 5 Best Places to Buy Wall Art That Is Very Cool

Bare wall minimalism is out. Prints with taste and perspective should cover your space. let anyone tell you that sandals aren’t a good call.

Remember when you thought that buying a tapestry was the pinnacle of elevated home decor? That you, Nate Berkus, had done what no person had done before and figured out how to decorate the barren wall above your couch with as little money and effort as humanly possible? What’s that? You can remember because you can still see it? Rip it off, get it out, burn it down.

It is time to invest in wall art that is actually good. Art with taste and perspective and not one singular tassel. And buying art—and buying “art”—online is much more enjoyable than shopping in person. One, there are a lot of options, and you can sift through without the weight of the world in some poor store employee’s eyes watching you. Judging you. Two, you can explore different media, shapes, sizes, and styles without committing to any. Or committing to a bunch and not knowing what to do with them. Either way.

You can start small with prints that come cheap, depending on where you look. We love a Society6 or Etsy for starter wall art. And you can add to that portfolio as quickly or expensively as you’d like. There are high-quality prints of photography, sketches, and paintings. There are mixed media pieces, which you can get in their original form or as a copy. There are shops that will frame the art for you. Here are 13 of the coolest places to buy all types of wall art online.

Drool Art

Drool Art is basically inside style for people who love clothes a lot. The contemporary wall art includes prints of photos and illustrations, all of which are a level up from whatever you’ve currently got going on.  

Saatchi Art

Ready to look at real art? Ready to look but not actually ready to buy real art? Come to Saatchi. It’s got everything that could ever make its way onto a wall in your home, from starter prints to full-blown collectibles.


Justina Blakeney is the mastermind behind home decor retailer Jungalow, which sells stuff that is vibrant, cool, and sustainably sourced. The wall art is a standout, featuring artists from all over who share a sense of brightness and levity about nature. 

Paper Collective

Paper Collective is based out of Copenhagen, which automatically means that it’s cool, we think. It has made its niche in contemporary art, picked by a team of extremely stylish and artistic people. There are geometric prints and urbanscapes aplenty. 


Artsy is, well, artsy. It’s a place to buy art and to also learn about art, too. Come here for your first investment. Artsy has been making its name by hosting all types of artists from all over the world, give space to different forms and styles where they might not have been visible before. You can sell art here, too. 

source: esquire

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