Don’t let anyone tell you that sandals aren’t a good call.

The sandal, as a category, has three prevailing styles: gladiator, flip-flop, and slide. Of the three, it is the latter that tops most lists. This is because it is the easiest to wear, the most comfortable, and perhaps the most versatile.

Long ago, sometime around the 2000s, slides evolved past a shoe meant for college bathrooms and lounging beachside. Some of the biggest brands started making them for the streets, and many started wearing them with Von Dutch caps and shutter shades. Thankfully, trucker hats and nonsensical sunglasses have been put out to pasture, but the all-day slide did manage to keep kicking around.

And since styles from early the aughts, funnily enough, are creeping back into the zeitgeist, what better way to get on the bandwagon, if you haven’t done so already, than with one of the pairs below? From the stalwart Birkenstock and Adidas to fancier fare from Dries Van Noten and Valentino, the best slides are ready to be copped below and worn all the damn time

Screen Mixed Slide

Desert camo slides for standing out, not blending in.  

Cool Cat Sport Slide Sandal

Slides named for the kind of men who wear them.

La Costa Slides

Vans’ classic checkerboard pattern: now in slide form!

Victori One Sport Slide

From the light cushioning to the textured footbed to the sleek silhouette, Nike’s slide delivers on all fronts. 

LiteRide Slide Sandals

Crocs’s clogs are divisive for sure, but we can all agree that its slides are pretty faultless. And if you didn’t know that before, now you do. 

source: esquire