The grind goes on. 

So you started running at the beginning of the pandemic and actually stuck with it, huh? Good for you, man. You’re literally the only one. I’m not going to lie, it’s taking a lot of self-control not to immediately start making fun of you to deflect from my own inability to stick with anything remotely commitment-intensive for longer than, like, three weeks. All of which is to say, I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for you. But I’m going to help you out anyway. (Holiday spirit, and all that.)

Sure, the weather’s getting colder—and wetter, and eventually *shudders involuntarily​* snowier—but that doesn’t mean you need to switch up your routine. Bad weather doesn’t have to impede your workout. In fact, with the right shoes, bad weather will become but another obstacle to overcome en route to a better you, like the snickers you had to put up with from friends and family when they heard about your newfound hobby. And luckily, the best winter running shoes were made for this shit.

These days you can snag a variety of hard-wearing pairs as long as you’re on the lookout for a few key features. A Gore-Tex membrane or coating is always great for truly slushy days, while water-resistant uppers (or a little bit of breathable mesh) will do fine when the sun is still shining. You’re also going to want to get something with a rugged sole and lots of traction if you’re trying to avoid any ice-related mishaps on the streets or trails. Beyond that? A well-executed design definitely doesn’t hurt. You’ve come this far, right? Don’t give up now. Do it for all the people who doubted you. Do it for all the people who scoffed at your resolve to keep it up as soon as the weather dipped below 50 degrees. And, most important, do it for yourself.

Here’s a few of our favorite winter running shoes to keep your training regimen on track throughout the rest of the season, haters be damned. Because hustlers don’t stop. They keep going.

Shando Trail Shoes

We’ll be taking a look at a lot of trail runners down the list (hey, they’re made to deal with nasty weather), but this shoe from New Balance is built for on and off the streets. A versatile AT Tread outsole offers traction no matter the terrain while a mono mesh upper provides added breathability and ventilation throughout your run. 

Wildcat Trail-Running Shoes

La Sportiva’s breathable runners wick moisture to keep your feet dry, while the shoe’s Frixion rubber outsoles deliver excellent traction and a smooth, resilient ride on and off the trails. 

Peregrine ICE+ Trail Running Shoe

A riff on the popular Peregrine trail running shoe, the ICE+ version layers on an Arctic Grip outsole designed to grab ice and keep you from slipping. The upper isn’t waterproof, but it’s water-resistant, so it’ll still hold up in showers or on snowy days. 

Nova 2 Gore-Tex Shoes

Merrell’s signature trail-ready shoes boast a fully waterproof Gore-Tex membrane and a bonded InvisibleFit construction for lightweight, breathable protection. An EVA foam midsole adds stability and comfort while a Vibram rubber outsole gives you all the traction you need to beat the elements in style. 

Challenger ATR 6 Shoes

This one’s all about that massive midsole and the lugged outsole that sits beneath it. Not only does it provide an extra-cushioned ride (and keep your feet elevated above the cold ground), it also gives you all the traction you need. The upper isn’t waterproof, but on colder days when it’s not raining, a thicker sock will help keep your toes warm.

Source: esquire