Kizz Daniel’s sage advice echoes the profound significance of familial ties and mutual respect, as he imparts, “Even if you make money more than your big brother, do not try to take his place when it comes to decision making. Give his respect.”

Drawing from his own experiences, Kizz Daniel shares a heartfelt anecdote, “When I bought my first Rolls Royce, my brother was the first person to drive it. I was excited but then I had to give him the respect and honor of doing it. He is my big brother and no matter what I have, I respect him more. If he says No to something I’ll not do it. I believe he is more experienced and smarter. He is older too and I respect him.”

In his poignant reflections, Kizz Daniel underscores the notion that familial dynamics transcend material success, advocating for a culture of humility and deference within families. He asserts, “Each family has one person who can change their story, it must not always be the first born. If you succeed to make more money, don’t become rude and try to be the one to take decisions. There is a kind of frustration and jealousy you put into them. Take it easy and give them their respect. Try to lift them.”

Through his words, Kizz Daniel emphasizes the enduring importance of familial bonds and the need for mutual respect, even in the face of personal achievements. His message serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of humility and reverence in nurturing harmonious relationships within the family unit.