The Doctor Who Performed A Satirical Surgery On Our ‘HIGHESTS’

CALL IT A SCAM OR FRAUD. IT’S NOTHNG BUT AN AWARD SCHEME. At least that’s description of the event by its organizer, founder and overnight social media celebrity Dr. Kwame Fordjour a.k.a Dr. UN. Our society is full of heroes and influential people therefore it comes as no surprise if they’re recognized for their contributions and efforts towards development in our society.

Awards/Rewards have always being part of human civilization. They take varied forms –titles, plaques, promotions just to name a few. In Ghana there are several award schemes that honour and recognize contributions of personalities in their various fields or industries. Ghana Music Awards, RTP Awards, 4Styte MVA, 40 Under 40 Awards, 3 Music Awards and more are organized annually throughout our calendar year. Such is the case of the Global Blueprint Excellence Awards organized by event organizer Dr. Kwame Fordjour at the Alisa Hotels.

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