It is of a sad notice for the fans of one of Ghana’s best groups La Meme Gang that Kwaku Bs opts out of the group. This is as a result of the alleged rape case and also a disagreement between the management and some members of the group with Kwaku Bs.

It was affirmed couple of hours after Kwaku BS logged everyone out of their official account _@Lamemegram_ that Kwaku Bs is currently not part of the group anymore, his announcement was merely to emphasize on the sexual harassment allegations thrown at him.

Ths group however revealed that Kwaku BS and Nxwrth, the producer in the group had actually been layed off from the group since 21st May of this year.

To recall, initial evidence shows that Nxwrth once went off on Twitter and further accused Skankey who is their manager and promoter of the gang of intentionally sabotaging him by not promoting hissong and also logged him out of the official La Meme Gang account throwing back to July 2019.

Apart from these issues stated above, they also addressed the sexual harassment and rape allegations which Darko Vibes and RJZ stated that they were only “working with authorities for justice to be served”.