Egyptian British actor and producer Mico Saad took time off his business schedules to talk to us about his career, film and the African continent.

Read the conversation below.

Who is Mico Saad?

Mico Saad is a human being at the end of the day. I’m just a regular person who was born in Egypt. I’m an artist – I dance, act and sometimes host TV shows. I used to be a dancer. I think I enjoy expressing myself through arts so whatever it is I’m doing has to reflect in my arts.

How will you describe your life as a film maker or producer?

I think it’s amazing! I’m super happy – super lucky and super honoured to be doing something I love and something that affect and change people’s lives. The best part of being a film maker or producer is seeing different stories and dealing with humans to make these films happen. My life as a film maker is great because I get to travel to places, hear different stories, tell stories that change lives, help raise awareness about certain social issues and dealing with people is the best part of it; not many people are fortunate to have it this way.

What’s your long term vision as far as your career is concerned?

I’m young with so many big dreams. I think I want to see a better world than we’re living in; not just by word but by helping and inspiring others. The long term goal is to reach the ultimate dream which is to be a global star. I want to reach the level where my message will go further because you can’t reach the masses if you’re not known. I just want to be in the position I can help others without working too hard – literally.

So far no controversies about you on tabloids, how do you manage to stay under the radar?

I know people like to gossip and hear gossips especially here in Hollywood, the only way I try to stay under the radar and stay focused is by constantly working. I really don’t count my success. I want to keep going and looking for bigger success. Being hungry for bigger success is fulfilling. I don’t think being on gossip tabloids will take me anywhere. I want to live a legacy my children will be proud of someday.

What is your favourite project or work piece?

I will say it’s one of the shows I did, which is a travel show where I got to see different countries, places, food and habits – it was great. I count myself as a citizen of the earth.

I believe everywhere is beautiful, everyone is great; every culture is rich in diverse ways. After this travel show it made me a much better person. I felt fulfilled. It was more about inclusivity for me. The entire Africa is beautiful in so many different ways. You will find stuff in Ghana you won’t find in Nigeria or Egypt or Cameroon or South Africa; I think we have to celebrate our diversity in beauty. Something else I did which was super fan was a film called Pitch I did where I got to speak so many languages and played different characters. It was a comedy-action but it was really great.

Let’s talk about your style as far as fashion is concerned, what inspires you?

Good clothes, colours and elegance inspire me when it comes to fashion. I have been fortunate to work as a stylist in the past. I have worked as a model for top brands like Gucci. I was for some time a personal shopper for top football players. It was interesting because whiles I was enjoying these luxury brands, I still want to enjoy something colourful. You know as Africans we like colours; we celebrate happiness. I like to say we are a continent full of colours so they really inspire me. Plus I like cuts –  a good cut. I really like fashion. I like to dress. I think we’re just approaching an era where we can get away with so many fashion trends rather than back in the day where it was just one sort of style; so you will watch a movie and will realize everyone was wearing the same thing.

How does your typical day look like?

My typical day…mhmm…every day for me is a complete different day. Atypical day to me will be to try and think of everything, the things I’m grateful and all. I begin my day with prayers then I get to work. I will pull up the tasks for my day and I try to keep them different. I don’t want to get bored so I try to do new things every day, whether for TV shows or movies. My day is never the same because I’m always looking out for new opportunities.

What is your latest project?

I’m working on producing a movie called Jesus of Hollywood. I’ve also finished the first season of my TV show called ‘Ted’ Hollywood.

Do you consider yourself a religious person?

I won’t say I’m religious but over the years I have come to the understanding that we are all human before anything. I’m grateful to the Most High for everything that I am right now but I will not favour religion over humanity. I try to stay good and help others – I think this is great religion because religion is by example. So being religious is being the best version of yourself not how many times you pray or how often you go to the mosque or church.

When was the last time you visited Egypt?

I think it’s in 2017, yeah but not later than that.

Any project there soon?

Not too sure if I’m going to do any projects there soon but I have projects I’m doing here that airs there and the Arab world. They’re all Middle East; but I’m not doing any projects in l Egypt currently.

What would you say about the African film industry?

I will say the African film industry lacks a lot comparing it to other industries like Hollywood and Bollywood. Everything produced in Africa is localized. It is not enough to make it to international stages and that is worrying.

What will you suggest should be done to bring it to the level of Hollywood?

Less corruption and more commitment will help bring the film making industry to the level of Hollywood. We don’t have systems as far as film making is concerned. We are all just doing our own thing. Film makers also have to be knowledgeable in order to tell the right stories about Africa. People never heard of Madagascar until it was featured in a movie. I think there’s a lot in Africa that needs to reach the world. We have nature to show whereas others are using CGI to depict nature.

Let’s talk about politics for a moment. Are you for or against the Brexit?

Of course, let’s talk about politics, why not? Lol. I may not be political but I still have a say. I’m against Brexit. I think we need more unity than separation. Although the UK created the EU but now wants to leave, I will like to see a world that is more you and me than we being separated.

What’s the one thing that makes you feel proud to be Egyptian?

WOW…being a descendant of Pharaohs is just enough. Its ancient Egypt…it just makes me proud.

If you have the power to change something in Africa, what will it be?

I will change the system. I don’t care if that means changing the government. I’m an African lover, I’m proud of my heritage as an African. I want to see progress in Africa and for that to happen; we need to change the system. Governments can stay if the system is going well.

Have you won any awards so far?

No, I have not won any awards but I have a movie at Cannes so let’s hope we will win.

If you were giving any role in it, which role would you prefer? Is that your favourite character?

If I was giving any role, I will like to be John Snow who is the main character and have fun with it.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you.

The pleasure is all mine.