Are you a HipHop artist, Singer, DJ, Poet, a Graffiti artist trying get an exposure?, then this is the very opportunity for you to jump on the train. A new and modern way to get exposed here in Accra, Lagos, Johannesburg Nairobi or Kigali is here and its here to stay.

Introducing!!! ” TAKE BACK THE MIC”.
“TAKE BACK THE MIC” is a talent show that is here to give the chance to bring out the star in you unlike any other talent show that has yet been introduced. It comes with an app which tied to a TV Show/series on (Trace Tv) and it will be officially launched on the 8th of August 2020, so what are you waiting for?. This is the perfect opportunity for you if you are reading this perhaps you don’t think you have a talent to show out there but have a friend whom you think can qualify for this show kindly send them the link to this opportunity to register for to stand a chance of becoming the lucky winner. Hurry!!!, deadline for the registration is just this 31st of July 2020. Competition commences on the 3rd of August 2020(Note: dates are subject to change). Check for this vital information,

The Contest Leader Board will reflect the top 10 artists in each country and will be updated on a rolling basis throughout the competition. Your individual artist profile will show your actual ranking number.

First phase of competition will determine the top three artists (Semi-Finalists) for each country.

Semi-Finalists will be asked to make themselves available to be filmed within a range of dates to be announced when the voting period begins.

Take a bold step today and become the lucky winner. Terms and conditions applied.