The Renaissance Of Drinking Bars By The Republicans

Republic Bar & Grill is the most popular hangout in the city of Accra. It’s popular amongst locals and visitors alike. Anyone visiting Accra for the first time is more than likely going to visit this bar located in the heart of Osu. Does its location contribute to its popularity or there is something more?

If you’re a nightlife enthusiast then you’re already acquainted with the euphoria of nightlife in the city. Accra is the heartbeat of the Republic of Ghana. A city founded in 1877 by the British when they took over from the Danes and the Dutch. Accra is the first touch point for visitors entering the country via air. Home to many tourist sites like hotels, clubs, cinemas, restaurants and more the city has made a name for itself as the city that welcome everybody and indeed it does. There’s no specific definition of the city as it adapts to global trends and culture. But of course there’s always uniqueness. What sets Accra apart is the people living in it.

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